The corrective action needed isn’t another program.

Healthy Communities · Healthy Youth is our community’s response to the findings of the Emory University study on drug and alcohol usage in our community. The results of this study indicate that at the high school level 21% of the students smoke daily, 29% drink alcohol, and 19% use illegal drugs. When a young person gets into these situations, there are no good outcomes. Some outcomes are better than others, but the best approach is prevention.

We also know that our community has a disproportionately high divorce rate, a higher than state average of juvenile court commitments and teen-age pregnancies, and a significant population who have less than a 9th grade education. It is imperative to restore our community to a nurturing environment that our children need and that we desire.




Let’s Show Kids We Care…You Do Care, Right?
 It is our vision to have everyone in our community demonstrate in words and actions that we love, value, and appreciate each other and our young people and recognize that they are our future.

What is Healthy Communities - Healthy Youth?

The Asset Building Difference

The 40 Developmental Assets