Youth Work Group 

Growing Healthy

It has been said that there is no such thing as self-discipline, there are only good habits and bad habits.  It is quite obvious that the earlier a person starts forming these habits, the stronger they are.  Growing Healthy teaches children excellent health care habits at a very early age.  This program best illustrates the Partnership’s mission, which is to promote a healthier community.

Growing Healthy is a comprehensive health education curriculum for elementary school.  It is “health education” but unlike any that most students have experienced.  It is a hands-on curriculum promoting students’ self-esteem and decision-making skills, enabling them to adopt healthy, responsible attitudes and behaviors.

Noel Temples, Westwood Elementary School, teaches her kindergarten class good health habits through its interactive activities. "The kids respond to the activities so positively. They really enjoy the dental and nutritional health activities." Patty Matheny, Westside Elementary School, agrees with Temples that Growing Healthy establishes good health habits so that our children grow up to be healthy adults. "Growing Healthy gives me the opportunity to get the students totally involved. With the third grade curriculum focusing on the internal organs, they don’t just see the facts. They learn what’s harmful to the body and ways to keep your body healthy."

Both teachers agree that Growing Healthy fits perfectly with their school’s curriculum goals. "It’s all inclusive! Not only do you get to teach health, but you also teach reading, art, and science," Patty Matheny adds. Currently Growing Healthy is taught in all elementary schools in Murray and Whitfield County Schools and in Dalton Public Schools.




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