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Community Health Profiles for Murray & Whitfield Counties

Future of Healthcare Delivery & Financing Work Group

With health care costs rising, change is inevitable and assured. New technology, a growing and aging population and rising drug costs are only a few factors contributing to this epidemic.  It is time to look at our community's future.

First class communities have first class health care systems and first class doctors.  Good, strong, economically growing communities require quality health care systems in order to attract and retain businesses, employees and families to the area.  We, as a community, must remain committed to meet the medical needs of our employees and their families in order to provide them the quality of life that they deserve.

The Future of Healthcare Delivery & Financing Work Group consists of board members Don Cope, Chair, John Bowling, Bryan Cheever, M.D., Ray Elrod, Norris Little, Charles Maret and Larry Winter.

The following action steps were recommended at the Partnership's Strategic Planning Session held in January 2002.  The developed work plan will be implemented during the next two years.

bullet Gain a greater understanding of the community health needs through a Community Health Profile
bullet Increase enrollment of children in PeachCare by involving employers in the process
bullet Increase the effectiveness of the Health Care Delivery System Improvement Team


News and Views

2002 Community Health Profiles Available
Having the most current data available is necessary in planning for the needs of our community.

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