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It is common to take the "band aid" approach in addressing health care issues. Medicating only the symptoms rather than the root causes, may deliver short-term solutions with quick results; however, the Healthcare Partnership recognizes the need for providing long-term, sustainable solutions. The Consumer Education Work Group is confident that educating our citizens to become wiser, more health care conscience consumers will create a healthier community. Education will empower our citizens to take responsibility for their own health care; ultimately, preventing illnesses, reducing health care costs and maintaining a healthier and productive workforce.

The Consumer Education Work Group consists of board members Mike O'Neill, Chair, Charles Allgood, Bianca Baker, Kal Kelehar and David Pennington.

The following action steps were recommended at the Partnership's Strategic Planning Session held in January 2002.  The developed work plan will be implemented during the next two years.

bullet Develop a health care quality and cost report card
bullet Develop a "Health Care 101" education program for the community 
bullet Continue workplace wellness program, Working Well


News and Views

Hospital Consumer Guide Forums a Success
The Executive and Provider Forums held in late January along with February's Train the Trainer Sessions proved to be a huge success.
Consumer Guide for Hospital Care
The Healthcare Partnership has just joined the HealthCare 21 Business Coalition.
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